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The Angelic Gifts Spray

Use this spray to help you receive inspiration, illumination and guidance from the Angelic Realms.

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Divine Harmony Essences

  The Divine Harmony Essences

A collection of forty deep acting Flower, Gem & Crystal Essence combinations, each focused on a particular issue, pattern or state. These powerful Combinations help to facilitate an inner change & transformation that is gentle, effective and life enhancing.

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Bach Flower Remedies

The 38 Bach Flower Remedies

Our Bach Flower Remedies are handmade according to the original instructions of Dr Edward Bach. We offer all 38 Bach Flower Remedies, Revival Remedy and Revival cream & spray, plus complete Bach sets and personalised Bach combinations.

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Archangel & Ascended Master Essences

The Archangel & Ascended Master Essences

Our Archangel & Ascended Master Essences are a powerful set of Essences helping you to connect to the energies of the Archangels & Ascended Masters. Like doorways into a higher dimension these Essences will help you to link more easily with the web of light and higher consciousness of the Spiritual Hierarchy.

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Inner Child Essences

Inner Child Essences
Created by Shimara Kumara

Healing the inner child helps us develop a more positive personality, balanced emotions and greater spiritual connection, as well as creating powerful soul growth. Shimara has created these 36 beautiful flower & gem essence combinations to facilitate the healing of your Inner Child and to help you return to the radiance of your pure, true self. There is also a set of Divination cards to accompany this set.

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