Samantha is a Usui Reiki Master, Equine Reiki Practitioner, Life Coach and Counselor and combines her abilities and skills to provide healing for adults who are struggling with confidence issues, PTSD, self esteem issues, communication issues, anxiety disorders and depression. Sessions are available during Monday to Saturday. 
PLEASE NOTE: We do NOT provide riding. We are an Equine Therapy Centre, thank you.


By spending time connecting and grooming the horses, the healing energy of Reiki as well as the natural healing energy of horses is given to the client. These sessions are provided on a one to one basis and last 60 minutes.
Cost per session £45

Samantha is the Founder Director of Horse and Soul Healing Sanctuary and works as an Equine Reiki Healer and Equine Assisted Therapist at her equine healing centre. 


Equine Reiki is a safe approach to healing these beautiful souls. If a horse has experienced abuse or neglect, Reiki helps it to release emotional wounds. It helps relax them, making it easier for owners, grooms and trainers to handle them and resolve any behavioral issues. A calmer horse means a calmer, happier owner.

When used alongside traditional veterinary care it can be a very beneficial approach to horse health. It helps horses recover faster, saving owners anxiety and cost. Vets who have trained in Reiki have found it useful in treating travel stress and digestive problems, as well as settling in mares who are new mothers.

Equine Reiki is also beneficial as a horse approaches the end of its life. It can provide comfort to a beloved animal, its owners and the staff members who provide daily care.

Horses respond beautifully to Reiki healing as they are such authentic energy based souls. As with humans Reiki can benefit horses through the transition of changing yard or owner, emotional blocks, preparation for journeys, releasing trauma issues, post operation or injury recovery and long term conditions such as arthritis.

Samantha has the ability to read the horse and pick up on what is affecting them currently. 

Sometimes it is the whole herd that needs healing to resolve herd issues. Sometimes it is the owner and horse's relationship that requires healing. Whatever the situation, Equine Reiki can benefit and assist in the healing and recovery process as well as bonding and communicating with your beloved friend.

Equine Reiki Session
£30 per session in Swindon/Shrivenham/CIrencester/Blunsdon/Highworth/South Marston areas
£40 per session in Marlborough/Minetey/Lambourn/Newbury areas
£40 per session in Uffington/Faringdon areas
£120 yard session plus travel if outside Swindon area.

All other areas please contact for costings thank you.

'This is a truly beautiful place, where all your troubles seem to be put into perspective, the ponies are so gentle and kind and really seem to understand what they can do to help you. Sam & co run a tranquil moment in time, that I can't recommend enough.' 
Nikki Knight.