Healing Appointments

Samantha has been working as a Healer for over 10 years now providing beautiful healing therapies through the use of the female divine and goddess energies.

. In her work she encompasses crystals and channels her healing guides to clear clients of old and present stress and anxiety to assist in the process of bringing balance back into life. She works with the Angelic, the divine female energy Mary Magdalena, Jesus and the ascended Masters. 

Once you have purchased your treatment through the links below please text to book on 07948372965

Please note treatments are for WOMEN ONLY.
Samantha only accepts male clients who are referred to her or known to her, thank you.

Soul Therapy
This two hour sessions combines a spiritual life coaching session, healing and prescriptive healing gem oils, for you to take away with you. These are specifically chosen for healing the body, mind or soul through the life changes you are walking through. £85

Life Coaching
In these 1 hour sessions Samantha discusses and teaches the spiritual aspects to the experiences you are in and advises on how to approach them from a spiritual perspective. £45.

Angelic Reiki Healing

In this beautiful, deep yet gentle healing treatment the Angelic realms are channelled to clear the system of negative energy not only from this lifetime but from past lifetimes and the karmic links attached to the soul. This healing then extends out into the soul set bringing healing to all those who are linked.  45 minutes. £35.

Usui Reiki Healing

In this healing therapy Samantha brings through the loving energy of Usui Reiki to remove the build up of negative energy and rebalance the meridian and chakra system. to create a better sense of well being, feeling grounded and more confident to handle the situations in life. This is also suitable for physical conditions.  45 minutes. £35

Children's Reiki:
Age 0 - 5 £5
Age 5-12 £10
Age 12+ £20
Age 16+ £35

Palliative Reiki

Angelic reiki is used to bring peace, clarity and assist energetically in the acceptance and journey for passing. Samantha  works with the Angelic realm in this capacity and is able to attend the home or hospital to provide treatment for those experiencing end of life. £35

Crystal Healing

Samantha works with the Crystalline energies and grid work to provide healing to those walking through stress and emotional or spiritual based experiences. The beautiful natural healing energies of the crystals are used to restore a sense of peace and well being. 45 minutes. £35. 

Goddess Ayurvedic Facial

In this healing therapy Samantha combines the loving energy of Usui Reiki to remove the build up of negative energy with a beautiful facial to leave you feeling, relaxed and restored back to your beautiful self. Samantha uses the ayurvedic facial pressure points during the massage to releas tension 60 minutes. £45

Goddess Delight

In this beautiful healing session a reiki full body massage is combined with an Ayurvedic facial to leave you feeling like a Goddess. 90 minutes. £85

Angelic Back Therapy

Enjoy the warmth of a hot stones back massage and the tension leaving the body as the stones are left in place whilst a full angelic reiki healing is given. Heaven! 75 mins £58

Indian Head Massage

In this seated relaxing therapy the upper back, shoulders, neck, face and scalp are massaged to remove tension and stress. Each session lasts 45 minutes. Cost £35.

Reiki Full Body Massage

This therapy session is created to cleanse the body, mind and soul of tension through the combination of physical massage work and reiki healing. Ayurvedic pressure point work, massage and healing create a beautiful relaxing therapy. 60 minutes. £45.

Aromatherapy Full Body Massage

This therapy session is created to cleanse the body, mind and soul of tension through the combination of physical massage work and healing aromatherapy oils. 60 minutes. £40.

Thai Foot Massage

In this healing therapy Samantha combines foot massage with pressure being applied through the use of the Thai stick to bring you a beautiful relaxing therapy. 45 minutes. £35


In this healing therapy Samantha provides a relaxing, healing therapy centred on the feet and working through the meridian lines to clear energy channels leaving you feeling relaxed and re-energised.  45 minutes. £35

Aura Clearing

Samantha channels the Angelic Realm and Ascended Masters to clear the soul of negative attack, entity and karmic blocks. This session combines a clearing and a rebalance thorugh the energy of Reiki healing. Sessions last 60 minutes. £65.

Space Clearing

Samantha offers a home visit for those who are experiencing spirit based disturbances within the home. She eneavours to clear the space of entities and negative energy and put protection in place. Cost £80